Have we met here before?

Do you remember my smile?

My eyes, my tears?

Do you remember them at all?

I don’t see how you don’t recognize this face.
I don’t understand how you could forget your own reflection.




Sore from all the time wasted
left to face this all alone
i never asked for your sympathy
never asked for your dreams
you look at me like i’m your failure
always taking credit for everything
that is your nature
this time the stench is too much for you to bear

worries may end nowhere slowly
leaving certain roads of sacred solitude
every cut obviously means goodbye

lying awake and sitting in bed
remembering the times ahead
forgive and forget all again
this is all a dream in your eyes


Internal Dialogue

So many fights unseen on the horizon
   Break down your walls and face the facts
       The sun isn’t rising for you tomorrow
       No more warmth for your gardens of truth

Step down and look into my eyes
Behind the tears are all of your lies
Step back and leave me behind
I am far more lonely when you are with me

Your pathetic ways no longer faze me
I look up at the sun and am no longer blinded
I look up at the sun and I am gone
Go to my edge and watch me jump

I’ll miss your voice
              But not your words

I’ll miss your fire
                         But not your burn