Sore from all the time wasted
left to face this all alone
i never asked for your sympathy
never asked for your dreams
you look at me like i’m your failure
always taking credit for everything
that is your nature
this time the stench is too much for you to bear

worries may end nowhere slowly
leaving certain roads of sacred solitude
every cut obviously means goodbye

lying awake and sitting in bed
remembering the times ahead
forgive and forget all again
this is all a dream in your eyes




Rainy words flood my mind
Unwanted lies manifest
(leave me)
Soaked up dreams are washed away
I just want to rest
(leave me)
And I’m left here
Staring in the mirror
Never can fade away
Lost in the glass in front of me
I see your face staring back at me

And I can’t remember those days
When we’d smile and choose to live
Running with no where to be
Closing our eyes just to see
I only wish for love
I only hope for pain
Crying out for you
Only to see
It’s just me

I know you’re really gone
Away from my life on your own
(leave me)
Fallen heart pieces scattered across the sun
I just want to be alone
(leave me)
And I’m left here
Staring at the walls of my prison
Lost in the dull shades of white
I see my face in the mirror
Always fading away